Meet Our Founders: Adam Robert McDonald

Adam Robert McDonald is the engineer and the analytical one; the expert on the physiology of physique; the methodical entrepreneur.

Unlike most fitness professionals, Adam grew up with a passion for logic and systems, which originally lead to him attending Seneca College for software engineering.

After spending countless days (and nights) behind a computer screen, he unsurprisingly found himself in rough shape—constantly exhausted with a growing waistline.

Because of this, Adam decided that enough was enough and joined a local gym in Milton. Very quickly he developed a new passion for the fitness industry as he used his unique systematic view of the world in a new industry. This is where his journey into the fitness world began.

Realizing that software engineering was no longer what he wanted to pursue, he dropped out of his program at Seneca College to pursue a diploma in Health & Fitness Promotion at Humber College.

After graduating from Humber College, Adam pursued advanced degrees in Kinesiology & Psychology at York University. At the same time, he was hired as a strength coach by a private training facility. Not just any private training facility… This one was owned and operated by Charles Poliquin, a world-famous exercise-and-nutrition expert responsible for training dozens of Olympic medalists for twelve different sports.

Working at this world-class facility inspired Adam to start ARM Systems. He saw a gap between the quality of training that athletes received compared to most traditional personal training programs.

Almost a decade later, ARM Systems has now evolved into something much more than this—creating a whole new category of personal training for those who have not been successful with the traditional model.

Due to his personal and professional experiences in the fitness industry, Adam has come to view exercise as a discipline that can empower clients’ entire lives.

As the Fitness Director of ARM Systems, his roles include: personally consult with clients seeking tailored exercise and nutrition solutions; design and modify plans and programs on a highly individualized basis; designate each client to the trainer (or trainers) best suited to his or her goals; and monitor everyone’s progress to ensure instant satisfaction and on-going success.

As the President and Business Development Director, his responsibilities include all activities in the areas of: sales, marketing, and advertising; publicity, promotion, and partnership; and education, communication, and technology. He also guides the design process, introduces new customers into the delivery process, and on a day-to-day basis leads the deployment of the organization itself.

Adam is known for his belief that people are happier and healthier when they endeavor to constantly educate, improve, and otherwise challenge themselves.

Appropriately, when he’s not at ARM, you’ll probably find him pursuing advanced studies in psychology, kinesiology, and health science.