Today we will be sharing the details of ARM 500, the fifth and final course in our ARM ACADEMY curriculum. If you don’t know about our new curriculum please click HERE for a recap.


ARM 500: REFINEMENTS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS follows ARM 400: ADVENTURES & TRANSFORMATIONS. It’s a year-long course that teaches you to survive and thrive, no matter what. During the course of ARM 500, we help students cultivate winning habits, maintain what they’re already achieved, and accomplish even more–despite life’s inevitable challenges, difficulties, obstacles, and interruptions.

Students are given continued support to enable them to achieve those difficult but possible-to-reach, multiple benchmarks. Through the course’s many and diverse programs, students get to learn what works for them and understand where their unique preferences lie.

The stages you and fellow students must go through in this course were designed to test your limits; to push you until you break those limits and attain new heights. With dedication and commitment, the transition from student to expert will take little over a year or less.

The ARM 500’s course is designed with programs that are incorporated into your life; it becomes a natural way to express yourself, in the end possibly becoming a lifestyle.

We have a motto we truly believe in: “Living a life well lived”. It speaks to everything the ARM 500 aims to help you achieve, and make it a reality.

More than your physical and emotional state of being, the ARM 500 also extends to exert a positive effect on social life, because it builds communities and forges relationships through social events, retreats, and more. Thus, you are presented with an opportunity to invite friends and family to experience that same unique culture you’re experiencing.

For nutrition, it’s less about being so strict and more about allowing particular indulgences. At our course, you’ll learn to source, prep, cook and enjoy foods that leave you nourished and satisfied, ultimately leading to better health and optimal body composition.

Your coaching appointments will be as follows: 3 times per week for most people, as this will permit everyone to have enough time to focus on other aspects of life. The monthly tutorials supplement the appointments too.


This course gives you an opportunity to make the most of your life, enjoying it and exploring things about yourself you’ve never known before. You get to express yourself in ways you never have.

Through the ARM 500’s vigorous yet effective activities, you acquire great and sustainable results. Give it your all and marvel at the positive results you get.


Mandatory completion of the ARM 400 is required before participation in the ARM 500 can be possible.

Training with friends, relatives, colleagues, and anyone you want is a very real possibility-it’s encouraged even, because it is expected taking such an action will further motivate you as you go through the course. What’s more, partner rates are extremely attractive-sometimes, the tuition rates can be cut as low as by 50%.

Tuition is as diverse as it is affordable. Three different types of scholarships are available. Each one fits a specific requirement so all interested parties should please contact us for details. Financing is also available for those looking to commit to our entire curriculum with fixed, monthly payments.

Completion of the ARM 500 marks the successful completion of The ARM Academy Curriculum. This means that if you so wish, you now have the option to review and once more partake in any of our courses and programs at a reduced tuition rate. We further compliment this by giving you invitations to all of our social events, retreats, etc.