Today we will be sharing the details of ARM 400, the fourth course in our ARM ACADEMY curriculum. If you don’t know about our new curriculum please click HERE for a recap.


ARM 400: ADVENTURES & TRANSFORMATIONS follows ARM 300: FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS. It’s a quarter-long course that teaches you to set and meet a major projected objective. During the course of ARM 400, we help students design holistic, strategic, altogether realistic plans to objectively, measurably, and impactfully improve their bodies, selves, and lives.

ARM 400 is less about correcting imbalances and eliminating weak links and more about putting the pedal to the metal” and getting great results for your efforts. During the course, we will place emphases on the most effective modality for your goals.

Unlike the ARM 300 Series, which consisted of a single corrective plan, the ARM 400 Series will focus on incorporating a three-phase program executed in stages and with strategic progression.

Having addressed the major digestive issues, clients are primed and ready for a more aggressive Primal/Paleo/Keto protocol to push them on in their bid to acquire an optimum body composition.

Your coaching appointments are scheduled to be held three times per week, as it is for the majority of your fellow students; with bi-weekly tutorials dedicated to other areas like stress, sleep, nutritional, and lifestyle.


The course opens up new avenues for you to see what’s possible; it makes you aware of your limitations and capabilities, further enabling to strategically outline schemes that will prove even more beneficial to your wellbeing.

The benefits accrued from the course’s activities will keep students motivated all through to the end. Significant results are seen and appreciated from day one.


To participate in ARM 400, you need to complete ARM 300 first, which is itself preceded by the ARM 200 and ARM 100 respectively. 

If you want to train with friends, relatives, colleagues and anyone else that you believe might make the experience better in whatever way, please inform us. Partner rates are extremely attractive–sometimes, the tuition rates are slashed by as much as 50%.

Speaking of tuition, three different types of scholarships are available. If you’re interested in applying for one, please let us know. Financing is also available for those looking to commit to our entire curriculum with fixed, monthly payments.

After completing ARM 400, you’ll also have the option of graduating to the year-long ARM ARM 500: REFINEMENTS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS, where we help students cultivate winning habits, maintain what they’re already achieved, and accomplish even more–despite life’s inevitable challenges, difficulties, obstacles, and interruptions.