“Everything in moderation”

A phrase I often hear that couldn’t be further than the truth.

My problem with moderation is that it is often used as an excuse to hide behind when we simply aren’t doing what we know to do. It’s sneaky, and it’s preventing a lot of people from hitting their long term goals.

Now don’t get me wrong, aiming for perfection is a quick way to fail as well.

But you don’t have to do that either.

You simply have to acknowledge “breakdowns” as a part of the goal-achieving process.

What is a Breakdown?

Breakdowns are when we take an action against our goals.

They happen all the time. In fact, they are essential.

They help us learn and create better structures for ourselves.

You see breakdowns only exist against our goals. Meaning that if we did not have goals in the first place, breakdowns would not occur.

…think about that for a second, if I did not want to be leaner it would not a breakdown for me to eat poorly.

This is an extremely important thing to understand because it is with this view that we can tackle our breakdowns VERY differently than how most people do.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s say that my goal is to get a six-pack for my winter vacation.

I have eaten well for 6 weeks, exercised 3 times per week, and done cardio in between my workouts. I am doing well by all accounts.

Then one weekend comes around and it’s my best friend’s birthday.

Because I have been so diligent lately I decide to let loose a little bit and eat all the deserts available. I pig out on everything.

I go home feeling terrible about slipping up and spend the next couple of days discouraged with myself.

I go to the gym the next day but instead of being excited about it, I am now exercising because of the deserts I ate and eating super clean to make up for it.

While these habits themselves are not inherently bad, the focus has completely shifted.

Now I am not eating to get a six-pack, I am eating to correct a mistake.

And as most of us know, what we focus on is what we attract…. so guess what? Another “slip up” is right around the corner.

So What Should We Do Instead?

The solution here is rather simple.

When you realize that you have “slipped up” immediately declare it as a BREAKDOWN! From there remember what your original goal was in the first place and take an action IMMEDIATELY that will help support that goal.

This rapid refocusing followed by an immediate action will get you back on track with little to no harm (having a “cheat” meal once every few weeks will do little to nothing, however losing focus on what your goals are can have a devastating effect).

This is also where it is incredibly valuable to have a coach who can work with you in handling breakdowns. A coach will have an objective view of the situation and can offer advice to get you back on track FAST.

The fact is, you are either acting FOR your goal or AGAINST it—there is no in between.

Breakdowns help us understand and manage these moments in an effective manner.